Cool Father’s Day Present Ideas

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Cool Father’s Day Present Ideas

Father’s Day is coming soon.  It is celebrated around the world to honor fatherhood and the contribution of fathers in society. Children remember and love this day even when they grow up because the father is the head, pride, and supporter of the family. It would seem that you know your father’s tastes, interests, and hobbies very well, but when it comes to choosing a gift for your beloved dad, you get lost and do not know what to present to surprise your father and make him happier. Although all men are different, there is a list of cool Father’s Day gift ideas for every taste and budget. You will definitely find something interesting and useful for your father! 

Universal Gift Ideas for Dad:

  • funny t-shirt;
  • book of his favorite author;
  • new coffee cup filled with his favorite chocolate bars;
  • stainless steel water bottle;
  • kit for cleaning the car;
  • engraved lighter;
  • new barbecue or grill;
  • board game;
  • table for blackjack;
  • popcorn machine.

Original Gift Ideas:

  • extreme tour;
  • telescope;
  • retro watch;
  • day spent on a sailing boat or racing yacht;
  • bungee jumping lessons.

Gift Ideas for Melomaniac Dad:

  • electronic drums;
  • recording a song in the studio;
  • iPad or MP3 player;
  • framed photo of his favorite artist with an autograph;
  • wireless headphones;
  • waterproof speakers.

Gift Ideas for Adventure Dad:

  • deep-water fishing;
  • skydiving;
  • helicopter flight;
  • flight on an airplane simulator;
  • ballooning;
  • extreme driving course;
  • swimming with dolphins;
  • flight in a wind tunnel.

Drink Gift Ideas for Dad:

  • master class “Beer and barbecue”;
  • tasting of different types of beer;
  • equipment for home brewing;
  • coffee machine;
  • fridge mini-bar;
  • whiskey stones;
  • signed flask;
  • a couple of cans of unusual foreign beer;
  • bottle carrier;
  • shaker;
  • a book with cocktail recipes;
  • wine tasting (it is also one of the best gifts for a single woman seeking a single man);
  • cocktails master class.

Gift Ideas for Gourmet Dad:

  • candies, sweets, or other favorite sweets from childhood;
  • a plate of his favorite cheeses;
  • Tabasco peppered black chocolate;
  • shots for tequila from Himalayan salt;
  • set of original sauces;
  • toaster for hot dogs;
  • chef’s knife;
  • digital meat thermometer;
  • original tea strainer;
  • cookbooks.

Gift Ideas for Sports Dad:

  • pedometer or heart rate monitor for running;
  • punching bag and boxing gloves;
  • comfortable headphones for running;
  • high-quality clothing for the gym;
  • high-speed driving lessons;
  • aircraft piloting lessons;
  • golf lessons;
  • fishing equipment;
  • sports equipment.

Gift Ideas for Tourist Dad:

  • large tent;
  • hammock;
  • thermal mug;
  • travel backpack;
  • cooler bag;
  • compass;
  • organizer;
  • waterproof flashlight;
  • power bank.

Gift Ideas for Mister Fix-It Dad:

  • gift certificate to the appliance store;
  • instrument box;
  • battery-powered drill;
  • screwdriver with magnetic head;
  • set of tools;
  • set of screwdrivers.

Gift Ideas for a Tech-Savvy Dad:

  • digital photo-keychain;
  • SD card;
  • gaming keyboard;
  • GPS;
  • Go-Pro;
  • leather case for mobile phone;
  • wireless speakers;
  • computer retro game;
  • night illumination for a toilet with a touch sensor;
  • USB flash drive;
  • LED strips.

Gifts for Business Dad:

  • business card holders;
  • leather wallet;
  • laptop case;
  • business notebook;
  • organizer for documents.

Free or Inexpensive DIY gifts:

  • signed mug;
  • picnic in nature;
  • basket with his favorite treats;
  • collage with photos of the whole family;
  • set for washing the car;
  • organizer for the desktop;

knitted sweater or scarf.

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