Eco-Friendly Gifts for Girls: Top 10 Ideas

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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Girls: Top 10 Ideas

Does your girlfriend you’ve met looking through care about the environment? Is she interested in current issues and trends in the eco direction, or maybe support the initiative to ban disposable plastic products and bags? Then, she’ll definitely like the following eco-gifts. 

Handmade Soap 

Having picked up the soap, pay attention to the packaging: it’s better to prefer bar soap than liquid soap. Buy cosmetics in bottles made of recyclable materials.

Eco Candles 

It’s a gift that will suit your colleagues, partners, and loved ones. It can also be eco-friendly if you give your loved ones not paraffin and gel but soy candles. They are made from natural materials and don’t contain petroleum products. Besides, unlike regular candles, eco products don’t have synthetic fragrances but essential oils.

Audiobook Subscription

We remember from childhood that a book is the best gift. But people cut down thousands of trees a year to make books. As an option, give your friends electronic or audiobook subscriptions. Different websites can send individual copies of e-books as gifts or give unlimited subscriptions for a set period of time, so your girlfriend can choose what she would like to read independently. 

Natural Beauty Products or Home Spa Care With Herbs and Oils

Every female needs care products. Handmade cosmetics are even more valuable. This gift will be appropriate for any celebration or just to please your loved one. If you’re not sure if you can’t guess your choice, you can give a certificate to buy these products.

Gifts for Nature Lovers

They can be sets for growing plants, live plants in pots, and woven vine baskets. The girl will appreciate such a gift if she is fond of floriculture. And in general, it’s hard to find a woman who doesn’t like flowers and everything related to them.

Eco Bag or Backpack

Fashionistas know a lot about creative accessories. Eco bags are not just shapeless bags of canvas fabric. These days, there are a lot of varieties: from classic shop-bags to stylish models with pictures and inscriptions or even with inserts of eco-leather. Besides, eco-bags will almost replace plastic bags in stores as they are durable, spacious, and look much better.

Thermal Mug for Hot and Cold Drinks

If you would like to make an original, stylish, and valuable souvenir, you should opt for an eco-friendly thermal mug. Giving a person such a thing will contribute to environmental protection and surprise your lady with a fresh idea.

Writing Materials

You may give notepads and pens from recycled materials to stationery lovers or just those who constantly need them. Moreover, you can put a lovely inscription or drawing so that this gift will remind of you.

Organic Clothing

If your girlfriend is not only a fighter for environmental purity but also a fashionista, you can present clothes from eco-materials. Try to find out in advance what kind of clothes she likes or give her a certificate for buying this product. Lots of leading brands like H&M, Nike, and Levi’s produce eco outfits. Beyond that, you can order a T-shirt made of fabric, 40 percent recycled plastic, and put your print on it to get an exclusive eco-friendly gift.

Packaging for green gifts should also be made of natural materials. Souvenirs and small things can be placed in a box of cardboard or thick paper. As a wrapper, use old newspapers, which will create a sense of vintage. For decoration, twine, dried leaves, or cones will do.

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